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Update: This piece has been sold


I finally created a triptych. This one measures a little over five feet long! 

This piece is available for sale though international shipping may be a problem due to it's size. 

Email inquiries:

Mountain Lion

J W painted this gorgeous Mountain Lion. I think it is one of the best Spiritcatchers we have made.


Close up of 'Mountain Lion' on the easel. 


Then he painted the same image on a set of leather pillows...


Arctic Series

The Arctic series consisted of four pieces featuring the Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf, Snowy Owl and Arctic Fox. Each one has painted glyphs on the balancing stones and the Polar Bear even has a carved bear fetish. These pieces represent my wish for protection of the Arctic and the amazing animals who call it home. 


Polar Bear Sandi Baker


Arctic Wolf Sandi Baker


Sandi Hanging at T.F.B. Gallery


The Arctic Series all together in the gallery


Delphi 2009 J W Baker



This was a commission piece that J W painted. The collector wanted her horse featured on a Spiritcatcher dressed as a war pony. She sent photos of her beautiful horse along with a bit of her mane. J W created a phenomenal painting and the mane hair was used to create the tassel.

War Pony

War Pony 2009 Sandi Baker



This Spiritcatcher was the first of the equine series. I always wanted to paint a war pony and I really enjoyed indulging. I decked this one out with a black horse hair tassel, and hung the balancing stones using loops and scrap leather to hold them in place.

Pine Beetle Artists

Pine Beetle Galleries

pine beetle galleries

 The newer Spiritcatchers feature framework beautifully carved by beetles (shown above). Called 'galleries' these amazing carvings are created by the Southern Pine Beetle. Due to global warming the pine beetle has increased in numbers and has killed a huge portion of pines across Canada and the Western U.S. An amazing natural disaster caused by man. The beetles kill the pines by clogging the tree's internal system with a fungus which forever stains the wood blue. Called ''Denim Pine'' or ''Beetle Killed Pine'' the wood is being used in everything from log home construction to furniture manufacturing. Beautiful and unique, using this wood is actually a green practice because there is such a surplus of the still useable dead pine. The pine beetles are not at this time out of control in my region, but there is enough of this beetle killed pine wood lying around on the forest floor to create a fire hazard. I collect it from the forest, dry it out and then finish it for lasting beauty. 

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