Collector Comments

My mother passed away from cancer this year and I was trying to find a piece of art that captured her courage and spirit. By accident I came across Wolf Song Studio’s website and fell in love with Sandi’s Polar Bear spirit catcher. It is a piece of art that truly moved me in a way that just cannot be expressed in words. It captured the essence of my Mother and my love of these great animals. I am honoured to have Sandi’s artwork in my home, so much so I bought a companion Wolf spirit catcher. 

Sandi thank you so much for creating your beautiful, inspirational art and the friendship that arose from our love of art. I truly treasure both.

Sandra B. Ontario Canada

I have to be honest...

"I'm very hard to impress when it comes to art. I have never felt so strongly about a piece in my life & I never will again for any's what I mean. I've been searching non stop many years now for this exact piece. I'm very spiritual, I believe in Mother Earth being my superior, Energy, Tranquility, & Serenity. Mostly I believe in my free spirited self. Because of this piece I have finally found and thank you, it's now becoming my alter and my free spirit guide in life. Did the hairs raise up on your neck reading that?! You have no clue how grateful I am."   - Joseph B.  Brooklyn NY

Sandi.... I finally got to Cali and got my Spirit Catcher....BEAUTIFUL..I could fill up your whole page telling you how much I love it. Just wish there was a way to hang it in the big truck!! Thank you soo much, again you're the best.''
 - Melissa B.  California

Whoa!! The spitting image of my girl!! She looks good in feathers!! This is great! Better than I ever expected. It really captures her expression. Thank you JW and Sandi!!!          - Anke M.  Brooksville, Florida

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