Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What are the Spiritcatchers made of?

A. The short answer is the absolute best quality products available. These are museum quality, one of a kind, original painted artworks. The frames are constructed from carefully selected pine and completely hand tied to insure lasting strength. The leather is first quality thick upholstery leather that is pliable and soft, yet very strong. The paints are the highest grade quality artist acrylics.

Q. Will the paint fade or crack over time?

A. No. We use the highest grade quality acrylics available. Paints are applied with an airbrush and then heat set. The airbrush application allows the pigment to rest in a thin layer and the heat setting process bonds the paint permanently to the leather. Leather breathes, expanding and contracting with weather conditions. Leather paintings created with brushes with thick paint application usually crack, or flake over time. This is why airbrushing is the preferred method. 

Q. Can you ship it to me?

A. Absolutely. We have shipped Spiritcatchers from here in North Carolina to Germany, California, Canada, and to many other destinations worldwide. We carefully wrap and package each piece for a safe journey. All shipments are also insured.

Q. Do you take commissions?

A. Yes. If you have a certain idea in mind we will work with you to bring it into being. Either artist can paint the main subject, so if you have a preference you can request either Sandi or J W paint it. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Q. Do you have any available for sale now?

A. Click HERE for the originals that are now available for sale.

Q. I saw a piece of artwork that looked like these. How can I tell if you made it?

A. All of the Spiritcatchers made here at Wolf Song Studio are hand signed by the artist. You will see either Sandi's or J W's unique signature. We also glue a card on the back of each piece. If you are still in doubt, snap a photo of the piece and or email me with your question.

Q. Can you explain how they are made?

A. I have a tutorial online that was originally an article for Airbrush Technique Magazine. This tutorial shows the entire process of a piece I created for a wolf benefit auction. Although I no longer use screws in the process, the tutorial can give you a good idea of how they are made. You can find it online HERE.

Q. Will it match my decor?

A. We can work with you to create a custom piece that will match almost any decor. Collectors have hung these in log cabins and less rustic, very modern settings with marvelous results.

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