The Story

The Spiritcatchers began with a vision.

 I could imagine a series of unique paintings that would remind the viewer of the old ways, and that our wildlife is precious. I wanted the viewer to come face to face with their spirit animal - their wise guardian and protector. I wanted the series to remind the viewer of the magic that they themselves possess within. All of us have that ancient spiritual connection with the animal world, but at times I feel that we have forgotten our kindred spirits. And so Spiritcatchers were created to remind us of these things, and to take us back to the simple, elegant way in a glance.

I began by gathering fallen branches. I fashioned a frame, and created a leather centerpiece which was held in place by sinew lacing. I painted a wolf's face on the leather. The first Spiritcatcher was born. It looked exactly like my vision and so I began to create others. That was in 2005. Since that time I have made quite a few Spiritcatchers, revising the process, and making improvements. I asked my talented husband to paint several as well. These pieces hang in homes and business throughout the world. I hope that they always continue to carry the original message to all that view them.


The First Spiritcatcher 'Wolf'

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